Survival Threats


Listening to the latest politics, you’ll see there seems to be a leaning towards socialism on the left. When the world becomes a socialist place, it means that there is no one particular ownership or class, but rather a group or a collective.

It means that everybody ends up with the same amount of needs met. But the kicker is that even if one person works harder or makes more than the other guy, the surplus wealth or supplies are taken from the person who works harder and passed around to those who didn’t.

The goal of socialism is supposedly to make sure that everyone’s basic needs are taken care of. The focus is supposed to be on humanity instead of making money. However, this way of life is dangerous because when the government is running the show, you can bet distribution isn’t going to be even. Continue reading

Civil Unrest

If you think that civil unrest is something that doesn’t happen very often, then you haven’t been paying attention. Civil unrest has become common place. It’s what happens when people get mad and decide that they’re going to protest or riot or hold demonstrations.

During times of civil unrest, chaos always follows, regardless of how peaceful a protest first started. Anarchy raises its head and the norms of society break down and it becomes every man for himself.

The original intent of the protest is buried beneath the herd mentality that takes over when large groups of people become angry. Authority is overthrown and the swell of those tearing down society norms is often too much for local authorities to deal with. Continue reading

Migrant Invasion

If you’re someone who doesn’t worry too much about the migrant invasion, it’s time to start – especially if you’re not prepared. Take a look at Greece, Germany or even Paris if you don’t know what all the fuss is about.

More than 100,000 migrants made their way to Greece and as a result of this overwhelming surge of people, the economic system there is in deeper trouble. As Greece is still desperately fighting to keep from having to declare bankruptcy, this migrant invasion has further drained its resources.

The struggle is being felt by the people who live in Greece. This is a battle of survival when there’s too many people and not enough resources. The migrant invasion is hitting all of Europe. Continue reading