Rituals for Health

5 Self Care Rituals You Must Adopt

5 Self Care Rituals You Must AdoptQuite frequently in life we are told to put others first, and as a consequence we fail to look after ourselves. Perhaps what is of the utmost importance is that we can adopt self-care rituals as a prevention tool, to the benefit of others.

When you begin adopting your own rituals, you may see an immediate boost in your emotions and due to that, you may think that you can stop. You’re wrong. Take the necessary time to ensure you are healthy, happy, and productive.

Alone Time

It can be difficult to find even a second to yourself, but it is necessary to your mental and emotional health. It is not healthy to be surrounded by people constantly – in fact, Psychology Today offers 6 reasons why alone time is healthy. Continue reading

Meditation: Morning, Afternoon and Evening Rituals

Meditation: Morning, Afternoon and Evening Rituals

As you went through your teen years, it seemed like adults were always telling you “enjoy it while you can.” The funny thing was they would never tell you what ‘it’ was. It wasn’t until you left home and went out on your own that ‘it’ slapped you right in the face and you realized that ‘it’ stood for being young and worry and stress free. Continue reading