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Be Vocal with Your Goals

Be Vocal with Your GoalsWhether you’re trying to make more time for yourself or whether you’re trying to lose weight, one thing you’ll often find yourself wondering is whether or not you should tell your friends your new goals.

On the one hand, telling friends goals is a great conversation topic, it’s fun to share things that are going on in our lives and we might be able to get advice from them – especially if they have recently given up smoking! Having your friends and family in your corner ensures that they’re not going to inadvertently make your life more difficult – by offering you that cigarette for instance or by inviting you out to lots of events when you’re trying to cut back.

The Downside of Sharing Goals

But there is also a downside to telling people your goals and you need to be careful of this. Studies actually show that in some cases, telling your goals can make you less likely to achieve them. This is particularly true for things like eating more healthily or giving up smoking. Continue reading

How to Get More Quiet & Nature in Your Life

How to Get More Quiet & Nature in Your LifeOne of the biggest challenges when it comes to beating information overload, is simply escaping the incessant bombardment of notifications, entertainment and stimulation. It’s no wonder we’re all so wired and tired when we spend our days writing against the clock under sterile lights fueled by coffee and our evenings blowing things up on an even bigger screen!

Sometimes you need to inject a little quiet and some natural light into your routine and this can give you a lot more space to be calm and to be yourself.

Here are some tips to help you do that:

Half an Hour Before Bed

One very good habit to get into is to take half an hour before bed to wind down and to read a book or something. During this time, you simply make the rule that you will not use your smartphone and that you won’t look at any screens. Continue reading

Top Tips for Cutting Out Your Habits

Top Tips for Cutting Out Your HabitsIf you’re trying to combat your information overload and get your mind and life more organized, then there are a range of different negative habits that can make this more difficult.

Some examples are:

  • Procrastinating in the evening and watching rubbish TV instead of doing something constructive
  • Procrastinating at work on Facebook instead of diving straight into something productive
  • Doing too much work for others
  • Using the phone all the time and stressing yourself out with unnecessary information

The problem is, habits are… well habitual. Due to repetition, they become very deeply ingrained not only in terms of the neural networks they form but also in terms of the other routines we build up around them.

So how do you start changing these habits? Continue reading