Happy New Year 2018!

Today is the last day of 2017 and I feel like purging everything that does not serve me from my life like President Trump is currently doing with the swamp creatures. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m not surprised.

You’re not hearing anything about it on the fake news media, and even on alternate sources as well other than the brave souls on YouTube who have been diligently following Q Anon and deciphering the clues and codes, aka breadcrumbs, that have been given by him or her.

Nobody knows exactly who this Q Anon is, but they are obviously close to the President as they sometimes post something that the POTUS then (seconds later) confirms by tweet.

You may not have even heard about the President’s executive order released on the winter solstice that freezes assets of anyone – worldwide, who is engaged in human rights abuses and/or corruption. POTUS is an absolute genius! Many top level operators have disappeared from social media, and Gitmo has new residents. Some have had ankle monitors put on which are then covered by the boot cast thing. This is HUGE! Continue reading

Choose Well!

The Key to Internal Motivation - Finding Your "Why"

Self exploration & Self development is the journey of a lifetime. It is an adventure that, once embarked, lasts a lifetime (and then some?). I know that I have to be ever mindful of how I think and how I live in this world. I AM – and WE ARE perfection in the making. Continue reading


Ch-ch-ch-changes!I’m moving stuff around again. Realizing that I’m not much of a blogger, I’ve divided my posts up in categories and put them on the far right menu bar. Now, I am just going to post things that are trending & relevant for me and the times we live in. I may, at times, tell you about an audiobook I’m listening to, or share something else that I’m reading or studying.

So, my new feature here is to post self care-help-improvement articles that contain strategies I’m attempting to learn & implement into my life that will, hopefully, benefit us all in some way. You can find the links for the current topics being covered on the top menu bar under ‘Learn with Me.’

I am in the process of publishing a series of articles on ‘Bullet Journaling.’ You may or may not have heard about it (I just did when I bought this article pack). It may be just what I need to learn at this time – something that will help me organize all of the tasks of life & work. Continue reading

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