Lifelong Learning

What is Lifelong Learning?

Even if you despised school or it was many, many years ago (or both!) you can still enjoy being a lifelong learner! Being a lifelong learner simply means that you choose to continue learning about things and developing new skills all throughout your life–well after you complete your formal education. And there are so many ways to do that! Continue reading

Why You Should Be a Lifelong Learner

There are many reasons why being a lifelong learner is smart. Besides making life more interesting and fulfilling, there are benefits to lifelong learning that you probably don’t realize. It’s not about formal education, but rather, learning new information and skills all long your life path. Here are just a few ways lifelong learning can improve your life.

Job Security

In our fluctuating economy, it’s important to be wide-versed in many areas of our chosen professions. With technology advancing all the time, those who stay current with new progress in their field will be those who can feel much more secure in their jobs. Work is no longer like when our grandparents, and even our parents, experienced. We don’t tend to stay in one position, or even company, for 30-40 years. Things move fast in our global economic climate. Even informal training can both protect you from downsizing and make it possible for you to earn more money, since the more you know, the more valuable you are. Continue reading

Tips for Cultivating Curiosity

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s a darn good thing for humans to have. Being curious keeps us engaged in life and keeps us happier and more fulfilled. It’s also a key component in lifelong learning. Natural curiosity is a trait that should be encouraged, and if you feel you have lost yours over the years, it can be rekindled! Here are some ways to cultivate your curiosity which will lead to alove of learning new things for the rest of your life. Continue reading