Dealing with Pressure

What is Pressure?

What is Pressure?

We’ve all felt pressured before, but it can be hard to put your finger on. It’s a sense of urgent completion, which is frequently accompanied by a feeling of reluctance or outright dread of completing the task. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Learning about pressure can help you manage it, and turn a stressful situation into a chance to shine. Continue reading

The Keys to Understanding Pressure

The Keys to Understanding PressureIt’s easy enough to give the dictionary definition of pressure. We know that it is a feeling of intense urgency caused by an impending task. But what does that really mean? And how does pressure affect the way that we work? Most importantly, how can we cope with pressure in order to keep from getting stressed? The dictionary won’t tell you any of that, but they’re all keys to understanding pressure.

What is Pressure?

First and foremost, pressure is a psychological feeling. Just like anger and sadness, we feel pressure sometimes when it’s appropriate and other times when it doesn’t seem to be. Healthy amounts of pressure can help us to work more efficiently and effectively, motivating us to do our very best. Unhealthy amounts of pressure, or feelings of pressure at times when it’s not really there, can cause us to lock up nervously, sitting around and procrastinating until the very last minute. The chances are good that you’ve felt both types of pressure before. Continue reading

The Differences Between Pressure & Stress

The Differences Between Pressure and Stress

When it comes right down to it, there is a big difference in pressure vs stress. Pressure can be a positive feeling, a challenge to be overcome, while stress is almost always entirely negative. Still, the two feelings are linked in most people, and a lot of times pressure causes stress. We’re going to look at the similarities between the two, and also explain the differences in pressure vs. stress. Continue reading