10 Signs that You are Burned Out

10 Signs that You are Burned OutBurnout does not happen all at once. It occurs after a person finds himself or herself subjected to chronic stress for prolonged periods of time. Burnout can occur over a series of weeks or several years. How long it takes a person to experience burnout depends on the types of stressors involved as well as the physical, mental, and emotional constitution of the person in question.

Consistent exposure to stressors in the workplace and possibly at home, without a means to mitigate them, causes burnout. Since burnout has a causal relationship with a person’s environment and daily activities, there are discernible signs of the condition.

Some or all of these signs may be present when a person reaches their burnout level of mental and physical fatigue.

1. Extreme and ongoing physical and mental fatigue is one of the more familiar signs of burnout. People press through these symptoms to the detriment of their health, using stimulants like caffeine and sugar in the form of coffee, energy drinks, and food. This creates a cycle of high and low energy, which actually increases stress levels and may lead to other health issues in the future, like obesity and high blood pressure. Continue reading

How Lifestyle Choices Contribute to Burnout

How Lifestyle Choices Contribute to Burnout

Burnout is really all about lifestyle choices, particularly making bad choices. It becomes a downward spiral that starts when we realize we can’t take the time to care for our own bodies with the tender loving kindness that only comes with reflection and taking time to make healthy lifestyle choices. Continue reading