Being Spiritual

A Simple Guide to Spiritual Growth

A Simple Guide to Spiritual GrowthIf you’re looking for change in your life, a way to add peace and blessings, there are a few steps you can take to obtain spiritual growth. To grow spiritually does not mean by the spirit (or inner self) alone.

It’s the concentration of the entire being. It’s both a person’s outer and inner life as well as the way he or she affects other people. The outer life is a manifestation of the growth that takes place on the inside.

When a person grows spiritually on the inside, he becomes more self-confident, kinder – more positive and more generous in the desire to help others. This outer manifestation then attracts back blessings or good things in life.

The first step in this type of growth takes place when the attitude is changed. If a person’s attitude is to look out for number one, to be ungrateful or have a strong self-focus, begrudging what he doesn’t have (rather than focusing on the good he does have), then good is often repelled by that. Continue reading

Understanding the Definition of Spiritual

Understanding the Definition of SpiritualFor some people, the definition of the word ‘spiritual’ means ‘having to do with the spirit within themselves.’ For others, it means a connection to a religious belief – such as attending church or taking part in some form of worship ceremony.

One of the best ways to understand what spiritual means is to understand that it can’t be physically defined. It’s simply something that you know in your innermost self. You can’t see it or touch it, but you can feel it with your emotions. You can feel it in the deep satisfaction and peace that it brings once you do experience it.

The meaning is vastly different for each person and can’t be pigeonholed into a box. What is spiritual for one person might not be spiritual for another. The word spiritual itself means having to do with the spirit.

Spiritual links can be made through the gathering of a group and sharing an emotional connection. Spirituality can be found through music – what leads your soul to find peace and refreshing calmness. Your consciousness can lead you to discern the level of spiritual searching that you have within. For some people, this is a larger part of their life than it is for others. Continue reading

Do You Need Spiritual Healing?

Do You Need Spiritual Healing?Spiritual healing (sometimes called energy healing) is a journey about self in which you are healed from the non-accepting ways that your life is out of harmony. So many things can throw us out of harmony within ourselves – sickness (whether physical, mental or emotional) is one part of life that wreaks havoc with the abundant, peaceful life we were meant to have.

You can tell if you’re out of balance with yourself by taking a moment to get alone – away from any noise or distractions – and see if there’s turmoil within your heart. You will know if there’s turmoil by the anxiety that causes butterflies in your stomach – that dreaded sense that something is wrong. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything that actually exists – it could be something we’re afraid might come to pass.

Sometimes we have anxieties (worrying thoughts) that can be mental blocks that keep us trapped in a cycle of negativity about life and what happens to us. We compromise in life – we don’t accept the fullness of who we were meant to be. Continue reading